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immersion description

Summer is the season of honoring our sun and the refreshing water all around us. SUN-MER. This season inspires us to spread the light within, rest and find purpose, trust and connection in life. We are celebrating the height of nature's beauty. After a very active spring of planting our gardens and fields - summer is a time to nourish the fields with water and sun and watch it all grow. Patience is key. 


Many of us go on vacation and nature trips during summer - but have you ever intentionally set yourself up for the internal illumination of your being during this season, or prepared an enriching summer growth vision for yourself? 


Becoming aware of what each season holds for you energetically boosts your self awareness which leads to a more confident, prepared and successful life.

Each season is here to teach you profound lessons. All over again. Every year. 

be-shen SUN-MER ILLUMINATION guides you to see all the richness that this summer holds for you! From the fire energy of the sun to the depth of the MER, the water we are bathing ourselves in.

The season of summer is all about activating bounty, spreading the light to enlighten and resting to nurture your being.

Summer is feeling alive and soaking up the beauty within and all around you!

How are you intending to nurture your fields of life? Which internal and external vacation are you taking? Where do you want to re-fresh your life or start something new? How do you want your fields of life to look at the beginning of harvest season aka fall?

It’s time to move from the busy action + planting spring to a more patient, observant and ILLUMINATED SUN-MER. Show yourself with all re-freshed and bright energy! 


I am inviting you to be open to nurture yourself and invest in this summer immersion. Let yourself be guided into this intuitive, creative and insightful experience that allows your entire being to ILLUMINATE this summer and the entire year of 2022!


You will receive:

  • a deep dive into a chosen part of your face map, highlighting divine talents and potential

  • a heroes journey card pull, revealing an overall individual message for your summer

  • a personal numerology download for your entire summer time (june, july, august) 

  • a universal numerology download to fully understand the collective energies of summer

  • intuitive guidance + coaching on dreams and goals for summer

  • elevating inspiration to re-fresh your life and create more space for an illuminated way of living

  • a guided vision board creation using fresh fruits, herbs and plants

  • a guided re-birthing SUN-MER ILLUMINATION meditation

You will walk through summer with:

  • a re-freshed sense of self + illuminated feeling towards SUN and MER (ocean, lake, creek etc) 

  • an authentic + deep crush on yourself

  • a clear understanding of challenges and opportunities within and around you

  • an enhanced + empowered self awareness 

  • a hyper clear vision of how to nourish + enrich your ‘fields of life” during summer 

  • a re-newend and awakened wisdom about summer and its magic

  • love and gratitude for your own being and life

  • more space for creative flow + a deeper knowing of how you want to illuminate your life

​We want you to be able to access your highest, most glorious potential. Therefore be-shen offers a payment plan for this service.

Set an atmosphere
Please choose a quiet room that offers space to sit and also lay down for meditation. You will need a notebook, pen and a cleansing tool like sage, copal, palo santo or any other natural scent aura and space cleanser. A cup of herbal tea and water is recommended.


Pre and post be-shen
Please be quiet and with yourself 5-10min before the start of the session. After the session it is highly recommend to stay in that space and write down feelings, thoughts and visions. Journaling after moving so much energy and receiving guidance is very healing and helps you to integrate the new juice you just received.

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