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Guided by her inner voice + divine alignment with the spirits, Mona’s ability to directly connect to the soul of other beings lays the foundation of her work. As an inherent light warrior, Mona’s mission is to help you find your personalized golden path + daily spiritual practice.


Mona’s essence is rooted in Yogic Science, spanning across various technologies like Chinese Face Reading, Numerology, Human Design, Astrology, Chakra and Dance Healing, led by her authenticity and intuition. Exposure to different cultural backgrounds from an early age elevated her curiosity, deep understanding and sensitivity towards all beings. Diving into and honoring the legacy of sacred, ancient practices is fueling her passion for traveling and fostering the expansion of her wisdom.


Mona carries a luminous light that she shares to raise the collective vibration by guiding + empowering individuals to heal themselves.



The purpose of your life is to be undeniably yourself, by combining your unique abilities and divine talents with the wisdom from your life’s experience. be-shen is your transformative guide to understanding your true nature and to re-connect to your spirit and inner glow: your shen.

Together we are designing your individual spiritual cocktail which allows you to acknowledge and focus on your strengths to reach your true potential. be-shen will elevate all areas of your being and lead you to a more fulfilled balanced life.

be-shen uses face reading, human design + numerology to tune into your being as a whole. By applying these ancient yet modern esoteric healing techniques be-shen offers immersions with channeled guidance that delivers a clear roadmap to change.

about me

​Tune in into be-shen and all about Mona's offerings through this interview from Marie Alessi.

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