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be-shen is your transformative guide to understanding your true nature and activating more of your spirit and inner glow: your shen. The purpose of your life is to be undeniably yourself, by combining your unique abilities and divine talents with the wisdom from your life’s experience.


be-shen uses mystical healing techniques like face reading, astrology, human design, numerology and intuitive channeling to tune into your being as a whole. By applying these ancient yet modern esoteric practices be-shen offers 1:1 work and group sessions with healing guidance that deliver a clear roadmap to transformation. 


Together you and I are co-channeling your golden keys to owning more of your individual energy signature. This can be in various different ways: 

The rashida weekly journey stands as the pulse of all offerings. It is a 1:1 therapy + mystic advisory space that helps you hone into your most powerful self. This longterm journey mentors you into designing your individual spiritual cocktail while focusing on healing the relationship to your inner child, your personal abundance, your authentic self-expression and creative vision work. Become part of the rashida journey! 

The be-shen immersions are both seasonal and all year-around deep dives that work like unique readings, boosting you into heightened self alignment. All be-shen offerings focus on energy temple expansion as well as the alignment to nature’s shifts and flows. be-shen creates electric + radiant space for ceremonies, rituals, retreats, workshops, conversations and movement classes that open new ways of connection and community. be-shen’s work seals in deeper self-knowing, ways + practices to self-actualize and a connection to your being’s biggest treasure: your heart.


Read more about be-shen word creations like spiritual cocktail, energy temples, treasures beings here.


be the light. be the truth. be-shen

about me
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Guided by her intuition + divine alignment to signs, synchronicities and spirit, Mona’s ability to channel and directly connect to the depth of other beings lays the foundation of her work. As a modern mystic, Mona’s core intention is to help you find your Destiny Direction, to develop your daily spiritual practice and to guide you to live your life as the most empowered version of yourself. 


Mona’s essence is rooted in yogic science, spanning across a multitude of ancient technologies like chinese face reading, astrology, numerology, human design + chakra dance healing. Her core belief is that practicing and applying these techniques will lead to the healing of the individual and to the collective consciousness of society as a whole.


Exposure to different cultural backgrounds from an early age elevated her curiosity, deep understanding and sensitivity towards all beings. Diving into and honoring the legacy of sacred, ancient practices is fueling her passion for traveling and fostering the expansion of her wisdom.


Realizing the core philosophy of be-shen was the catalyst for Mona to break free from the world that conditions us to constantly focus on our weaknesses. Mona is driven by identifying your strengths and prioritizing your gifts and talents as the key elements of your energy signature. Mona is honored to guide you through the depths of your being. 

be the light. be the truth. be-shen.

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