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Spred Open Testimonial

"Thank you for such a special ceremony, I’m feeling so ready for 2024. It was great to reflect on this year and really take in everything that happened, everything I went through to get to where I am today…it’s been a year!! I feel the transformation and I wouldn’t be here without be-shen so thank you so so much. I’m feeling so grateful and excited for the experiences and challenges ahead!! Spread Open round 3 was so good, thank youuuuu." - Dani, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023


"I didn’t know what to expect with the face reading immersion and it ended up being a deeply meditative, nervous-system-resetting, and confidence-building experience. Mona is an incredible practitioner and pointed out nuanced details of my face and therefore my lineage and story that I’d never heard before. It made me fall in love with my features and feel closer to the divine reason I look the way I look. I’m still implementing the notes and “homework” (my Virgo heart loves this) but it was a lovely investment in feeling closer to your essence and wayyy more in line with how I want to connect with inner/outer beauty than being scared of aging — about loving how our faces evolve and become enhanced with time. Loved the experience 11/10!! Thank you Mona" - Hannah, be-shen face reading immersion

"Sweet Mona! I am so grateful for all of your offerings and feel so lucky to have you in my life. Spread Open felt like doing a beautiful dance with all of the possibilities in this next year of life, and tying them into real life practices and joys. I always leave be-shen sessions feeling renewed and full of boundless energy. Thank you for holding this steady lantern of gentle compassion, towards the self and the world. I want to gift a session to everyone I love!" - Maya, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023

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"This session was the perfect ending of a very intensive year. It was pure reflection on a deep level and a very sweet outlook to what´s coming up next. I really like Mona´s style to combine different tools and competences. It was a truly magical session. Thank you, dear Mona!" - Vera, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023


"This was the best gift I could gift myself. Mona is an old soul in the way she works and handles clients. She was spot on about issues in my life that were floating in my subconscious but I knew I needed to take action in order to grow and be my full authentic self. The 2 hours flew by. It was fun, emotional, safe and full of love. I love my new mantras and look forward to our next session." - Kalen, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023

"Dearest Mona, I don’t even know where to begin – the moment we opened our session you were wearing an olive green sweater, saying that you felt compelled to wear it, not knowing that olive green was the chosen colour of my year. Your intuition is unmatched! 

Two hours went by so quickly as you took the time to give me a breakdown of my year, and hold space for my reflections as you guide me in creating a spiritual curriculum for the year to come. I love that be-shen is a collaborative, spiritual session. I feel like I have freedom in the choices that I can make in my life, while allowing myself time surrender in the thrusts of the universe. Thank you Mona for your kindness, your light and your service — I felt safe and empowered and left the session feeling at peace with myself." - Melati, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023

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"I scheduled my be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion for the day after my 24th birthday, I was looking for a space to reflect on this past year and think about what I wanted for myself this next upcoming year. I really was just curious to see what it was, and see what I could learn from it as I’d heard so many wonderful stories about people who have worked with Mona before. It was helpful for me, we created 3 mantras that I’ll be thinking on for the next year. I like my mantras a lot because they encompass values i’d like to live by, and the more I follow them the closer I’ll be to the version of myself I’m most proud of. I’m really happy I did it, be-shen made me feel more grounded and have a better understanding of myself. Mona is a special person, she asks reflective questions, listens deeply, and is completely non-judgemental. I think anyone would have positive takeaways from a session with Mona :)." - Gabriella, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023

"One major blessing of 2023 was getting introduced to Mona and her works of be-shen. Starting my practice in her monthly mystical morning sessions at Tangerine left me feeling aligned with myself while connected to others.
When I found out she offered a one on one, end of year session, it was a soul choice to invest in this for myself. We rarely sit down to reflect on the days, weeks, months, and years. Mona gave me the space to really sit and think about what my year looked like as well as preparing for 2024. She reminded me of the courage and fire within myself that guided me to make choices and shifts in my life that align with my future. She holds compassionate space for the challenges I endured while motivating me to shift my narrative from a place of fear to a place of love.
I left our sessions feeling empowered and myself for the first time in months. There's a gentle yet fierce magic Mona holds and I think women all over the world would greatly benefit from her guidance and love." - Michaela, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2023

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"My one session with you and be-shen was so deepening and grounding. At first I had what I initially took away which was profound but the beauty really started to transform when I returned to my mantras and thinking about the possibilities this year does hold for me and challenging myself in a loving and caring way. That allowed me to start to make micro shifts in my day to day. I can’t wait to work with you again at the end of the year to continue to align with my path and continue to trust that the universe is supporting me." - Katherine, be-shen CENTERTIME


"It’s been just over a week since I met with Mona and I feel like I’m still floating! It took almost an entire year for us to connect again after the first time we met when she told me that this was to be my master year! And she was right! Our immersion was so eye opening that she got me a little emotional. Everything is illuminated now!
We went over my numerology chart and I feel confident that I am who I was meant to be. I can’t wait to follow up and share where this coming year is going to take me!" - Jon Pierre, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2022

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Jon Pierre
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"The days after SPREAD OPEN have been an enlightening journey for me. My mindset is more elevated, my heart is more open, and I see myself differently - I feel illuminated!
I’ve been practicing every day since our session; Mona really shook me awake and put me back on the right path. With so much ease, she found access to my inner being and helped me see myself and life’s purpose more clearly again. I was always aware of my shadow, but Mona enabled me to put down my insecurities about it, and for the first time, I feel like I can see the best in all sides of me. The session helped me to reconnect my soul, heart, head, and body, and I am empowered and up to any challenge. Spread Open brought light under my surface, and I am filled with gratitude.
I thank be-shen and you, Mona, deep from my heart, for helping me to find myself, and I cannot wait to work with you again!" - Katharina, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2022


"I'm so glad I took the opportunity to meet with Mona for a be-shen session. I serendipitously stumbled upon her program and I have to believe it was some sort of cosmic intervention, for it was exactly what I didn’t know I needed at this time. I loved how the inner work began even before we met for our session- I appreciated the thoughtful questioner she sent a few days before we met. Mulling over these questions allowed me to begin the inner work that I have neglected recently. I loved how our conversation, numerology and face reading all connected beautifully with one another and allowed for a deeper understanding of various themes that kept cropping up. I am so grateful to have met Mona and am looking forward to working with her as the next year begins. If you are ready to do the work but a little lost in how to do so, Mona is the perfect guide and knowledgeable companion." - Lydia, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2022

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Carly Ann
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"I continue to feel the frenetic energy of my year five as lessons from my year 6 begin flooding my path. While I‘m clamoring for another moment of stillness to take it all in and then charge forward boldly and anew, it's proving that I‘m already equipped with all that I need. Our session helped me contextualize this experience within the bigger picture. With that simple wisdom and even just recalling the mantras I’m able to feel at peace, and hopeful, even while still on the move.
I’m hopeful for some deeper moments with myself between now and the new year as I can find them and holding the themes we uncovered in my minds eye is helping to feel connected to myself even as things continue to feel stormy. Like little anchors." - Carly Ann, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2022

"Today I had the most powerful be-shen session - SPREAD OPEN. The session allowed me to deeply go within and relive all the beautiful as well as difficult moments of the past year. Mona held and guided me all throughout the session. She allowed me to appreciate all the difficult moments and see how far I have come. After the session I felt elevated and light - as if I'm finally able to let go. Ready for true healing. It was emotional and truly beautiful. I will use my personal mantras, Mona helped me come up with, in order to remember the clarity and strength I discovered through SPREAD OPEN. Thank you Mona" - Marie, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2022

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"My SPREAD OPEN immersion with Mona was fantastic,  we connected so easily and she made me feel safe to open up about my emotions, my challenges and recent experiences. Everything that was going on in my life made a lot of sense after we took a look at my numerology chart. After analyzing it all, she helped me "digest" everything and we set a few goals and mantras for the following year! It felt so great and now I feel ready for what's to come... and I'm very happy that I can count on her, specially her guidance and wisdom. Thank you so much, Mona." - Jamily, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2022


"My numerology immersion with Mona was more then I could have imagined. Mona is extremely knowledgeable and communicates a large amount of information with grace and relatability. The space she created for me felt safe and sacred. With Mona’s guidance, I was able to take a deeper look into my authentic self. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to level up or meet their self on a deeper level." - Alysa, be-shen numerology immersion

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"I’ve had two sessions with Mona—first a face reading, and then a numerology session—and I can’t recommend the experience enough. I loved it so much that I even gifted a session to my best friend for her birthday! Mona has such passion, enthusiasm, and deep knowledge and she takes the time to really get to know her clients and make sure they’re understanding and getting the most out of the readings. I walked away with a renewed sense of energy and passion for the projects I’m working on across all parts of my life, and I’m eager to work with Mona again." - Amy, be-shen face reading immersion & be-shen numerology immersion

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"My face reading session with Mona was so magical. I’ve been really curious about the relationship between my face shapes and features and my personality, so being guided by such a professional and passionate angel felt like a real treat. Mona was so knowledgeable and really heart warming in the way she explored with me all those messages encrypted on my face. There was no judgement of good or bad, I mostly felt excited and fascinated by the things she helped me tune in to about my true self and my potential. I felt inspired to explore more and it’s been really interesting to notice how, since my session, subtle messages come up in my day where I notice certain parts of my face that make me tune in to the things I want to improve, like really saying what I want and choosing more consciously how I spread my love and care in life.  I am so grateful for this experience and loved exploring my fulfilled authentic self through face reading and Mona’s magical guidance!" - Anastasia, be-shen face reading immersion

"Mona’s face reading allowed me to see the authentic beauty in me and made me fall in love with who I am and what I look like again. I couldn’t recommend her more! She unearthed the map in me I’ve never seen before and because of her reading, I’ve taken more brave action in my life, and for that, I’ll always be grateful for Mona and be-shen." - Julia, be-shen face reading immersion

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"There is nobody like Mona. She has so much knowledge in the history of numerology and in humanity. Our session left me feeling inspired, to not only know myself but to be better in all of the ways. Thank you Mona for redirecting my brain to focus on all of my gifts I can give to the world. Mona inspires me to love myself more and put that back into the world. She is magnetic, an inspiration, FUN and whole heartedly angelic. She is a leader. If the younger generation had someone to look up to like Mona our future would be very bright." - Cali, be-shen numerology immersion

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"I collaborated with Mona for a launch event for my company, and her presence was the talk of all the attendees!

We paired a special book reading/discussion + face reading experience and it was an incredibly unique and engaging exercise for everyone at the party. She was a dream to work with in terms of preparation, communication, and friendliness and I’ve already thought of a zillion other ways we could partner together!" - Amy CEO and Founder Parea Books

Connect with me for a deeper look and a free 20 minutes get to know call.

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"This was my second experience practicing a session with Mona in be-shen. The first was a numerology reading which changed the way I view myself, my life patterns and my ability to take in the signs. This second session was for the SUPERBLOOM practice which took me through a journey of looking inward to see what I have accomplished and feel, and also outwardly to listen to what I am driven towards. Mona creates a blanket of calmness and peace during the session to allow you to flow with her as she helps you be simply you. This practice brought out moments of my inner child, a sense of hope, a sense of reminder of what’s it’s like to play in a garden, to plant the seeds and watch them grow as you nurture them. As we get older and caught up with daily life, it’s a nice reminder to tune in again to the purest forms of you and understand the power of intention. be-shen’s SUPERBLOOM was my personal moment to do that. To understand my surroundings, the vibrations, and to work with them by understanding my strengths and capabilities in order to flourish into the me I am and intend to become. I highly recommend a session of be-shen to anyone who is in search of learning more about themselves in an internally enriching and mindful way. — Going through the phases within the session of the outward view of the seasons to come, to how connected to the earth we are with the flower vision board, the facial map as a way to let go of judgement, and then ending with a guided meditation that reminds you of how much inner power you hold. After this session I now am beginning to understand that I should hold myself up with my own green thumbs of love and feel the power of the self really believing that I can bloom." - Ana, be-shen SUPERBLOOM immersion 2022

"I am incredibly thankful I experienced Spread Open. I went on one of the most special journeys of self awareness and reflection in preparation for the new year. Mona created a beautiful safe space where I felt comfortable resurfacing things from the ending year and the space allowed me to be fully present throughout the entirety of the session. One of the most valuable learnings was “connection” in its different forms: with myself, with others and with my surroundings. I thank Mona for teaching me so much in just one session and cannot wait to continue working with be-shen!" - Rita, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2021

weekly guiding

"I had an amazing session with Mona! Her energy is so uplifting and infectious, and you can't help but feel excited and renewed for life after talking with her. You can tell she is so skilled at face reading and really knows what she's talking about - I was so amazed by the detail and accuracy of what she was able to gather just by looking at my face. Would highly recommend getting a face reading from her - such a cool experience!! She's also very knowledgeable about numerology and gave me a lot of helpful insight into my current life patterns & things to pay attention to based on where I was in my numerology cycle. Overall, Mona has such a genuine, loving and welcoming energy that really inspires you to feel more excited and empowered in your life. Such a perfect way to kick off the beginning of Spring! Thank you Mona!!" - Kristen, be-shen SUPERBLOOM immersion 2022

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"I have been using the rashida weekly guiding service since August 2021. Since then, I have learned to let go a little more, experienced how it might feel to trust the wonderful miracles life brings you when you share love and compassion. This has been very challenging in the past, but rashida made me believe in miracles. I have been feeling energy upgrades. It feels like not being alone anymore. Believing and trusting in a higher power. Angels, energies that support me where-ever I go. Applying a daily practice into my life is like a temple that brings me back to reality, grounds me and reminds me of the beauty of life. My being was most excited by breath work as an element of rashida. It requires me to be 100% authentic and honest with myself. It is so powerful, hurting and enlightening at the same time and in the end its just your simple 'breath', just fascinating. I recommend be-shen to everyone who wants to make the best out of his/her own lifetime. be-shen is the light at the end of the tunnel/ a programming language of life, and weekly rashida guiding reminds you to be your own programmer of your own lifetime. Thanks to be-shen intuitive guiding and co-channelling I could let go of control, be more gentle and kind to myself, let go of family trauma and be the programmer of my own lifetime/ no one else." - Marie, rashida weekly guiding

be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion

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"So thankful for this transformational practice. The deep dive immersion. It’s never easy being confronted with unconscious, and potentially challenging patterns, but I felt truly held and heard by Mona throughout the process. It has motivated me to commit to change and try to move away from low vibration being, and begin to step into my destiny, my potential, and my healing." - Isioma, be-shen numerology immersion

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"Monas face reading incredibly resonated with me. Not only did she reveal private information about me that hides in plain sight, she also gave me some instructional basics so I can practice face reading on others or share the knowledge to further empower the people on the planet to know their divine selves better. I learned so much about myself and which unconscious rules I had somehow picked up and lived by that never ever served me. Not only did Mona reveal to me my true strengths (which I had tried to keep hidden from the world), she is also continuing to work with me to help bring them into light so I can be my most authentic self at all times. She is helping me to step into my leadership and release old patterns. Mona truly wants me to shine and I feel immense support and genuine love radiating from her soul. I highly recommend to connect with Mona as she will reveal to you things that you already knew; you just may have been waiting for someone to give you permission to live out your wildest dreams. All the love for be-shen." - Andrea, be-shen face reading immersion

"be-shen Spread Open was such a beautiful experience. Since my initial face reading with Mona I have seen a shift in my face, my boundaries and the strength of my intuition. We began by going through the highs and lows of last year, revealing points of growth and areas to release. I love how Mona incorporates many methods in her immersions, bringing you through a mind body soul experience. We then went through the upcoming year, bringing in numerology. This helped distinguish areas of creativity and prosperity, as well as what I can prepare for and work on during specific times of the year. She has a way of identifying your gifts as well as your challenges, in a really open way. I am grateful for this experience and will be touching back to this immersion as I move through this coming year. " - Alexis, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2021

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Participating in the rashida programme has - in many ways - changed my life. Through your teachings, virtues such as patience and self-trust has simmered their way from a murky foundation into a solidified state of existence which now permeate into my life into which I can only hope will become the standard.

Mona, I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve put in into creating this programme and to help me - and many others - reach our full potential.” - Kaspar, rashida weekly guiding

"Working with Mona is always filled with a vast possibility. The wisdom she imparts is without bounds and opens a whole universe. My spread open session with her was an experience of completion and creation. It opened so many doors inside of me. I have continued to look into what is possible for me this year; what’s written in the numerology and listening to my subconscious. This work speaks to me because it’s so supportive while also challenging me in spaces of growth and healing." - Natasha, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2021

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"My journey with Mona started with a face reading. I was truly impressed by the history and accuracy of this ancient technique, but this was only the starting point. This assessment evolved into very personalized and empowering guiding sessions. Mona is able to pinpoint your true potential and is not afraid to push you outside of your comfort zone to find and reach your purpose." - Sébastien, rashida weekly guiding

"I’ve been on the rashida weekly guiding journey with Mona for over 3 months now and wow – has my life and in specific my view on life changed. I went from resistance and being scared of looking at my inner self to feeling more at ease when addressing topics, I used to avoid at all costs. Mona has helped me so much through her gentle and yet always honest ways of allowing myself to see beyond and stay free of judgement. The purity she brings to our sessions has helped me shine light on where I only used to see darkness and understand relationships on a deeper level. Mona has been my rock on the journey to look and go further and allow myself to just be. The methods she has introduced me to and the tasks she has given me, have helped me throughout each week to continuously learn and gain a better understanding of my own inner world. I’m looking forward to continuing my Rashida journey in 2022 and highly recommend anyone taking the opportunity to be working with Mona as it is an invest in your own growth and healing." - Lisa, rashida weekly guiding

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face reading testimonials

"Mona has been a significant and transformative guide for me for many years now. She helped me through a very difficult time in my life where I felt lost and unconnected to myself. What makes me happy? What do I really want to do in my life? Where do I see myself? Mona guided and supported me to answer these questions by helping me reconnect deeply to my true inner self. Always evolving, Mona is sharing her wisdom, applying various healing techniques, and is constantly inspiring me to increase my knowledge further and expand my spiritual practice. I am so unbelievably thankful that Mona taught me not to shy away from questions because I don't know the answers or because I am afraid of the answers but to see questions as a chance to deal with myself and my surroundings and to grow. She supported me to being able to love, express and honor my true nature
Her luminous, magnetic aura radiates this very special energy I cannot put in words. She creates a safe space where I can recognize and let go of mental build blockages and be myself. This energy is so strong, I can always feel it. She inspires me to strive for more, to reach for the stars. Thank you, Mona, for connecting so deeply with my soul and sharing your light and magical energy." - Viki, rashida weekly guiding

"Mona’s face reading was a gift from my son, who had talked openly about his wonderful experience. However, I quickly discovered that Mona is able to create magical moments for everyone she encounters. Mona’s passion is contagious, caressing you like a warm ray of sunshine. Her positive explanation of each facial feature although new feels strangely familiar. Her understanding of who you are, the struggles you have, and the goals you work towards allows an ease that only years of friendship possess. She shares her own vulnerability to uplift your energy in a gentle and protective manner. Giving guidance to your better self as an adventure to be found and explored without any weighted expectations. Mona is a beautiful soul, full of life, bursting with excitement and eager to share her talented gift. It was an honour, thank you." - Leyla, be-shen face reading immersion

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"Mona and I became acquainted when she inquired about an Akashic Record consultation, two years later she asked if she could read my face. I knew a little about facial reading but not enough to hold a competent conversation with.
Mona is very perceptive, and very intuitive, she can look into your face and your soul speaks to her. She uses her training very well but it is mostly her connection to Source, her higher knowledge that provides the narrative to ones story. Mona’s facial reading validated many things, and added further information and clarity to others. Throughout the reading I felt calm, at peace and joy — a true soul connection." - Carolanne, be-shen face reading immersion


"When Mona first asked to do a face reading, I have to admit, I was a little sceptical, ...but then sent her the pictures she asked for and waited for her reply.  When I talked to her again, I really couldn’t believe the information she derived from those pictures. She knew things about me she could only have known if I told her myself! Her reading was “on point” and really impressive!  I can’t wait to do it again!!" - Taylor, be-shen face reading immersion

"Mona one day told me she wanted to read my face, she said I was ready. I knew I could trust her, and she brought me on a journey of self discovery which has now meaningfully impacted my everyday, and my connection with the many worlds and universes which live around me, and us. The be-shen experience was educational, transportive and enlightening. Mona’s intuitive connection and inspiring creativity made the experience exciting and new, yet I knew all along I could trust in her and in the process. I highly recommend this experience and I look forward to strengthening and deepening my process through more readings, more analysis and more magic. I feel more connected to my identity and now realise that we never truly stop discovering who we are and be-shen made me realise that that journey truly magical." - Nico, be-shen face reading immersion


"The aura I am surrounded with when I am speaking with Mona truly generates my spiritual instincts. The way she creates guidance with such inspiration is addictive! She has inspired more exploration for me; to appreciate more self love within my own heart. I now can let go of self-doubt easier. The face reading is phenomenal!!  I felt a comfort from it and uplifted when it was completed.  It was like nothing I had ever entered into before; but made me want to learn more and more, and also to continue to learn more in regards to self-recognition. I feel I will continue to be inspired to connect with Mona and her spiritually instinctive lifestyle" - Christine, be-shen face reading immersion


"When it was first suggested that I got a face reading I was definitely curious but when it came to it, the experience was much more emotional than I could have anticipated. There were moments when Mona alluded to events in my life that she should not have known about and on several occasions the depth and analysis of the conversation, which was essentially a therapy session, almost reduced me to tears. It’s impressive how much information Mona can gather from just a few pictures of your face and considering that the reading was conducted over FaceTime, she brought a level of passion and enthusiasm that people rarely exhibit face to face. By the end of our nearly 3 hour session, I felt that I had gained an insight into myself that I couldn’t have achieved alone. I’m excited for the next one." - Thomus, be-shen face reading immersion

"I had my first face reading last week with Mona. She has a way of healing & reading so deeply. In our session she revealed my innate character traits, areas of fortune & talents. She was also able to identify areas of struggle & depletion within me & shared tools to heal them. Through our session she also spoke to the history of face reading and how we can embrace & abilify our natural talents & gifts. I felt like I went on a journey through the past, present & future, ending our reading feeling closer to my spirit with a grounded sense of peace. I left our session feeling empowered with new practices, tools & outlook. I look forward to continuing my practice with Mona." - Alexis, be-shen face reading immersion


"The face reading I had with Mona was absolutely magical. It is almost hard to put into words the effect it had on me. Now in retrospect, before the reading I had no idea how much I actually needed it and am eternally grateful I did it. It gives clarity, reassurance and is a major wake up call - at least for me. Of course we all know ourselves, but it is another thing hearing your truths from someone else. I really believe everyone would benefit so greatly from getting a face reading! Especially from Mona! Mona’s positive, uplifting aura created a safe space during the reading, which allowed me to fully tune into my emotions, really take in everything fascinating she could read from my face and respond in an energetic way. I honestly had no idea how much is written in our faces. Our talents, personality, traumas.. Absolutely magical! Some of the things Mona was telling me felt organic, as if I subconsciously already knew, but haven’t given much thought and some opened my eyes completely!

Mona’s guidance through the experience felt so intimate and supportive, even the more “negative” things written in my face, I took in as a call to action - an opportunity to work on myself. Especially the chakra glow dance in the end was so full of light - it filled my heart with love, my veins with freedom that in that moment I knew my future was as bright as I manifest it to be. That I have all the tools to make my dreams come true. Mona is really an angel - a magical soul that can make you feel so complete and hopeful. I believe it is her destiny in this life to guide and heal others. It is her gift to make the people around her grow. Her own positive ray of light shines so bright it is affectionate!" - Lauren, be-shen face reading immersion

"My face reading with Mona was something I have never experienced before. I have had charts, human design etc. But this was something magically. She was able to tell me things about myself through my face and features. She goes deep and though this reading I have changed and grown a lot personally, even down to showing part of my face I used to hide. It was a wonderful magically experience and I can’t wait to continue to work with her. To learn more about myself and how to move through life. We are all gifts and we need to tap in and hone in on that more and more." - Ashley, be-shen face reading immersion

",A simply magical experience’ is what I would call my encounter with Mona. I am so grateful that I got the chance to do this and would recommend this to everyone who would like to achieve a fresh perspective on life. Not knowing much about face reading, I went into this with no expectations and came out with a feeling of love, empowerment, clarity, guidance for the next months and confidence in my path. A beautifully spiritual experience that has the power to lead many towards their higher self. Thanks, Mona for your contagious energy, love for detail and passion that went into creating this experience." - Lisa, be-shen face reading immersion

"When I stared the Face Reading session with Mona I didn’t really know a lot about the matrix and tried to be open for what was coming my way. I think it is quite hard to describe what happened during the reading as this is something each and everyone should experience for themselves but what I can say is that it changed my perspective on a lot of things in a very positive and powerful way. Not only does Mona explain every little detail and step by step what she is going to explain to you but it feels like she can connect with you in a way that I have never experienced before. She explores the person you are and the energy that is inside of you. She is able to seek for your potential and finds a way that let’s you reflect on your true inner self. Through her energy, aura and knowledge she guides you towards being the very best version of yourself, even if that sometimes means admitting unpleasant characteristics or facts about yourself, but trust me it is totally worth it. It feels like Mona becomes your sister, best friend and angel mother at the same time.

Throughout the entire experience I felt all kinds of emotions and could feel myself letting go and my inner motivation to becoming the best version of myself lifting. Thank you, Mona, for helping me understand, accept and change in the most reinsuring, positive way." - Hannah, be-shen face reading immersion


"I signed up to do a face reading with Mona thinking it would be fun to have her interpret my facial features, expecting no more than a quick phone call. I did not know that I was going into a magical two hour immersive experience in which, frankly, I lost track of time. 

Delving deep into the depths of my personality, Mona led me through a wholesome evening of acknowledging, honouring and understanding my  uniqueness; reinforcing the power in aspects of my face I had always overlooked. She gave me specific mantras followed by a beautiful, rhythmic, visual meditation and a therapeutic dance in which I felt connected to her special aura even through our screens. I left the session feeling light, grateful, but most of all, with a sensation of fullness. Mona has a gift that everyone deserves to receive. We are all here for a divine reason, she can help you find yours." - Eli, be-shen face reading immersion

"Mona is such a gentle guide. Her vision of you is a superpower and she gets you closer to the core of your spirit and purpose. Whether you’re in transition or seeking more meaning to how you connect to this world, I highly recommend her. 

The face reading session changed my life and allowed me to become more compassionate with myself. The detail and information she shared with me about my face and it’s characteristics will be something I reference back to for years to come." - Justine, be-shen face reading immersion

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"Mona, A true earth angel with an exceptional gift for anyone ready to deeply understand their uniqueness through ancient wisdom. My session with Mona was so many things, I am not sure how it can be summed in words. She was born here with an innate ability to connect with your energy on such a deep, intuitive level firstly, and then marrying this special connection with the insights of the face reading had me leaving feeling such a high on the mirroring of all my powers within, alongside crucial aspects brought to my awareness to work on that can elevate those beautiful powers even further.

Mona is truly the sun. She shines so bright and leaves you feeling exactly the same. The power in this ancient Chinese wisdom paired with her incredibly modern and unique approach makes for an experience no one should miss out on. I could not recommend this gift for yourself, for a loved one, for anyone enough! It’s easy to get lost sometimes, and it’s moments like these shared with a teacher like Mona that brings you back to remembering exactly why you are here." - Alice, be-shen face reading immersion

"My 2.5 hours with Mona shifted something in me that continues to be a guiding light long after we parted. Mona was able to see things written in my face that I felt deep in my soul, things I felt inkings of, and some things that I had never realized about myself. The way she weaves all these things together left me feeling so empowered and supported. My sister and I sat discussing the similarities and differences in our work with Mona as she said to me, "I wish everyone could experience this"; I couldn't agree more." - Natasha, be-shen face reading immersion

"The wonderful practice with Mona was just magical. When she first talked about the face reading I could feel goose bumps all over my body. Her excitement for me, to get to know myself on such a deep level was contagious. I have never experienced that before and am deeply thankful for Mona’s energy and love. Thanks Mona for your magic." - Marie, be-shen face reading immersion

"There are many disciplines out there to get insight on our blind spots and how we show up in the world. Mona’s expertise is a perfectly curated combination of several disciplines that are masterfully combined to give you a lasting and direct insight on how your exterior reflects your deepest self out onto the world. There is no question that this is an expression of Mona’s passion - Enjoy you will be moved by who you are!" - Tania, be-shen face reading immersion


"I was gifted a face reading session with the most beautiful person Mona. I went in completely open and willing to accept whatever was coming my way. I knew the least I would get out of it was a chat with a strong woman who would lift me up (as other strong women should). What I got out of it was so so so much more. Mona took the time to really explain to me what the session would entail and emphasized on the science behind her face reading skills. We began with really examining my face and what each feature represented. Thing to note is that Mona doesn’t know me, and was quite on point with a few details about me and my personality that I wouldn’t expect anyone but my truest deepest self to know. While she was able to truly recognize the fire within me, she was also very careful to remind me how I must yield the power that lies within me without hurting the ones I love. We delved really deep into strong ties that bind me, the things that really make me tick and all the untapped potential I have always felt inside of me. I have since really paid heed to the words she shared with me - words of encouragement, words of caution, words of immense love. 

I would happily recommend to everyone I meet (and I do so anyway) to reach out to Mona. It’s not that you need to hear from an outsider about yourself. It’s that - one needs help you bring unity within you. The session left a deep impression on me and I am very happy to recommend this to anyone who is willing to go deep within." - Arzoo, be-shen face reading immersion

"Working with Mona for many years has given me so much more perspective and helped me understand and love myself in ways I never even imagined. Her magnetic aura and bright light make it seem that just anything is possible. She has helped me to gently unfold all of my layers and really look at myself – without judgement – and has taught me so many ways on how to accept myself, always pointed out my strengths and how I can elevate them. Connecting with Mona has something magical and suddenly everything starts to make sense; it’s like a blanket being lifted. She has encouraged and empowered me to really tap into my own powers. Her golden being has guided me through a lot of struggling times and showed me that I can always heal myself. I’m more than grateful on how Mona has and is constantly impacting me and can only recommend reaching out to her." - Lisa, be-shen face reading immersion

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"Mona is a true force. It was such a pleasure for us to have her in Serena’s home. Mona has such a grounding, joyful nature that brought out vulnerability in each of us. Both of us felt a deep level of comfortability - especially since Franny had never met Mona before - Mona really has an ability to welcome any thoughts or emotions without judgment. We felt safe, seen and able to let go of everything that has bottled up inside of us in 2021. We are so thankful for the doors she opened for us, and the true powers within us. Our time together paved the way for a fulfilling and open-hearted 2022. We thank you Mona, for an incredible experience. With gratidude" - Franny and Serena, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2021


"My be-shen experience was exactly what I needed to awaken and find clarity in the path I am on. Mona did a numerology reading as well as a guided meditation session to end the experience. I was ready and Mona allowed me to feel open to see and feel and share what would come up throughout the reading. The intimacy of the session really allowed me to feel connected. Mona was very detailed in providing tools as a guide before, during and after the session. be-shen is now part of my life after just one session and I do feel it connects me to my being and to see the ways in which I can love myself and what's around me, the good and the bad and the in-between. Rituals are important, and be-shen through Mona's guidance allows me to find the spiritual cocktail that works best for my way of seeing life and love and peace. If anyone wants to feel more connected and begin a journey of peace and strengthen their soul, I would recommend be-shen. Mona has truly dedicated herself to be-shen in a way that is through authenticity and it is felt and transmitted so clearly. I can't wait to continue this journey with her through these practices." - Ana, be-shen numerology immersion


"Id always been curious about the age-old application of numerology but didn’t really have a strong grasp on the history and meaning of numbers. 

To begin, Mona was completely understanding of this and took the time to run through, explain and educate me on the history of numbers, their meanings and how they appear and apply in my day to day. We then ran through key events in my life and had a number of incredibly emotional breakthroughs. Mona applied numerology to my life’s events and was able to access deep insight into my past, present and future

The incredible thing about the whole reading was Mona’s interconnectivity. She’s not only channeling energy to speak directly to your experience, but existing and feeling within that space with you. She creates warmth, comfort and ends with a meditation that makes you feel reborn." - Chris, be-shen numerology immersion

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"Mona is an old friend of mine, and the moment she first told me about be-shen I knew that this was something I would have to explore. Mona’s innate kindness, warmth and spiritual generosity permeate through every level of the practice and the immersions therein. One particular strength is Mona’s ability to gently form relationships with her clients and completely - but non-invasively - getting to know them and their lives and forming bespoke programmes tailored for their individual needs. This, coupled with her great intuition and insight, is what makes be-shen so special and something I could never recommend with strong enough words." - Kaspar,  be-shen numerology immersion

spread open
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"My be-shen experience was transformative. I did a Spread Open immersion and can’t stress enough how much I needed this time to reflect on my year before going into the next. We always talk about resolutions but actually doing a deep dive to digest everything that happened in the year was a totally different way to approach setting up intentions for the new one. Mona has a way of making it so easy to open up, be vulnerable, and take an honest look within ourselves. She also made sure I had all the tools beforehand to be ready for our session—and when it came to the numerology section of the experience she really took the time to educate me on the meaning and basics of the practice. Mona’s guidance made the session intuitive and organic, and I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself, even in just one session. I cherish this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a genuine way to heal and take care of our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before, and I’m forever grateful for it." - Dani, be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion 2021


"Mona is a true force. I did my first ever numerology reading with her and it was profound. It validated a lot of underlying themes in my life and also gave me more confidence as I pursue my dreams. Her loving warm energy makes you want to listen to her guidance all day, and the experience goes beyond your session. Even weeks later I still find myself understanding more from our session and slowly implementing what I learned from her into my daily life." - Lydia, be-shen numerology immersion

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"I am so glad I found be-shen. Been battling with feeling so awkward and uncomfortably shy. It was sooooooo powerful to hear someone list the qualities and properties that are in my being that I’ve been too afraid to step into, let alone say out loud to myself. It was a really great way to end our session and January with an amazing guided meditation, that felt like a velvet soak in warm light. I feel so grateful. I will take your advice: set boundaries, build my self care/esteem and set myself up for success to find a way to share my abundance with the universe. Looking forward to my next session, thank you." - Caroline, be-shen numerology immersion

"I never met Mona in person but after talking to her for a minute over the phone and letting her start the face reading I immediately recognised she is absolutely authentic, trustworthy and passionate about her work. I wrote over three A4 pages of notes as she kept on explaining the relation of my character, life path and facets of my life and how they correlate to my face. Not only did Mona explain things thoroughly, clear and detailed what struck me most of all was her joyous personality and her communication skills. Mona is a bundle of joy and our session has connected me to my spiritual side even more. I’m grateful for having met her and I would recommend her work to anyone."  - Marsha, be-shen face reading immersion

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