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be-shen face reading immersion

The be-shen face reading immersion is a transformative experience that guides you to understanding your true nature and activating more of your spirit and inner glow: your shen.


The purpose of your life is to be undeniably yourself, by combining your unique abilities and divine talents with the wisdom from your life’s experience. This is all present in your face.


During the be-shen face reading immersion we deeply analyze your face map including your energy channels + all the features and markings on your face. 


You can bring further illumination to your life’s mission by discovering your talents + strengths, your inner knowing of truth. Through uncovering your past and present health, mental and emotional challenges + patterns, you can understand yourself and others with clarity. Following the in-depth face diagnosis, you are given a roadmap with intuitive guidance for optimal emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. At the end of the reading you participate in an individually channeled guided meditation which invites you to tap into and experience your fulfilled authentic self. 


The duration of this digital reading is 2 hours and will be held over video call.


For me to tune into your face and analyze it please send a minimum of 4 portraits after booking your appointment. Please note that all photographs should be taken in daylight, without makeup and with your hair back. Having the photos taken by someone has proven to give better quality face reading pictures than using the selfie camera. We require:​

• one picture from the front with a neutral face expression meaning without a smile staring straight

• one picture from the front smiling or even laughing

• one picture from your right side profile staring straight and with the ear visible 

• one picture from your left side profile staring straight and with the ear visible ​


Feel free to send any additional pictures of parts in your face that you are specifically interested in or just more variations of the pictures mentioned above.

Please send all pictures to

set an atmosphere

Please choose a quiet room that offers space to sit and also lay down for meditation. You will need a notebook, pen and a cleansing tool like sage, copal, palo santo or any other natural scent aura and space cleanser. A cup of herbal tea and water is recommended.

pre and post be-shen

Silently sit with yourself 5-10min before the start of the session. After the sessions you’ll want to stay in that space to write down feelings, thoughts and visions. Journaling after moving so much energy and receiving guidance is very healing and helps you to integrate the new juice you just received and downloads that have become clear.


We want you to be able to access your highest, most glorious potential. Therefore be-shen offers a unique payment plan for this service.


Connect with me for a deeper look and a free informative 20 minute call.

one off session

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