be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion

prepare for the energies of 2022

  • 2 hours
  • $300
  • Video Call or Face to Face

immersion description

Have you ever granted yourself the time to authentically review the past year with full awareness + deep understanding for its different learnings? Millions of memories in one year. Only a few that stick to us - only a few that we can really remember. SPREAD OPEN is a tool to go back into the moments of joy, growth, and pain and identify all learnings that these powerful times have gifted to us. Have you ever entered the new year feeling fully set up for its glory and challenges? This immersion offers you to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepare for the energies of 2022. SPREAD OPEN is a chance for you to deepen the connection to your inner voice. your intuition. Gift your being a unique experience to set yourself up for the success, prosperity and inner joy that 2022 holds for you. What you can expect: • deep dive review of 2021 + proper digestion of important events • intuitive guidance + coaching • universal + personal numerology forecast of 2022 • goals & dreams alignment • individual mantra setting for 2022 • guided into-you meditation I have been practicing this magical immersion with my closest beings for the last three years and I am now feeling called to share this practice with you. I can promise you will feel elevated and prepared to enter the new chapter 2022. The duration of this immersion will last 2-3 hours and will be held over video call or face to face. We want you to be able to access your highest most glorious potential. Therefore be-shen offers a payment plan for this service. Set an atmosphere Please choose a quiet room that offers space to sit and also lay down for meditation. You will need a notebook, pen and a cleansing tool like sage, copal, palo santo or any other natural scent aura and space cleanser. A cup of herbal tea and water is recommended. Pre and post be-shen Please be quiet and with yourself 5-10min before the start of the session. After the session it is highly recommend to stay in that space and write down feelings, thoughts and visions. Journaling after moving so much energy and receiving guidance is very healing and helps you to integrate the new juice you just received.