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SPIRITUAL COCKTAIL intention school

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spiritual cocktail

One formula does not fit all. be-shen believes in the power of individually channeled daily practices that are created according to the need + desire of your being. The spiritual cocktail is your individual collection of personal practices gathered from your diverse life experiences, spiritual immersions and studies. These practices represent a range of ingredients that serve their purpose in a delicate yet powerful way for your cocktail to embody it’s finest and most authentic flavor. When shaken up + mixed in rhythm to your truth the elixir will carry the taste of fulfillment. Cheers!


what is the be-shen SPIRITUAL COCKTAIL intention school?

The be-shen SPIRITUAL COCKTAIL intention school is a four week journey that teaches you to find and form your own individual daily practice. This 4 week journey holds a weekly 1 hour session with Mona and the community where we are cultivating a commitment to your own boost of well-being. You will learn in real time how to create simple, nurturing and expanding rituals and ceremonies for yourself. The goal is for you to become a devotee to your own self, to your life - by committing to a daily practice. The power of practice is infinite - it allows you to stay tuned in, build enough-ness through authentic self-connection AND allows you to intentional-ize your life - which leads to becoming more connected to all you are.


the be-shen SPIRITUAL COCKTAIL intention school is for you if you feel called:

  • to learn how to create + commit to a daily practice

  • to nurture yourself and desires + intuitively tune into what your being needs

  • to turn down the noise + drop into a state of ease and alignment

  • to study the depth of the daily practice as a gift to your self expansion

  • to connect more to the spiritual part of self

  • to join a 4 week accountability practice with the goal of aligning to more committed life

  • to change your habits, addictions and patterns

  • to break cycles that no longer serve you + learn how to hold your newness

  • to connect to a free spirited beautiful group of beings and share vulnerably

  • to receive intuitive guidance + wisdom of be-shen



what is a practice:

Practice holds it all: the light the darkness

It carries you and you carry her

It's a space of utmost peace, privacy (if wanted)

It is first and foremost for: you

It is flexible and infinite: you create the rules or no rules

It's a place where you are student and teacher

It's the anchor that holds you rooted yet grants you wide elevation


what is the intention for be-shen SPIRITUAL COCKTAIL intention school?

My daily practice has healed me from pain, suffering and lack of self-trust. I have been a daily practice devotee for over 10 years now. The daily practice has been one of the 3 major pillars of the be-shen practice with my 1:1 clients in the rashida journey. 

I feel called to share the importance of the power of practice in a group session. I believe that practice offers us a richness and clarity that opens tremendous doors for our being.

Learning, talking, trying out and sharing about the experience of practice is powerful and can build the path for your most truthful self-actualization. With all its wisdom practice creates stability, it builds and enhances the sense of self and allows you the access to so many more gifts! Practice is a palace for self-therapy, healing and creative conceptualizing.

My personal daily practice has constantly evolved over the last 10 years

What stayed: is the daily commitment. Something as simple as washing your face in the mornings or going for a walk with your dog - it is essential for the ever-expanding world we live in. The re-connection to the daily practices is also in honor to our ancestors and sacred earth grid creators who wouldn't start about their days before their daily prayer, ritual, practice. The daily practice is the key to a balanced, abundant, spiritual life.

what do you get to experience and work with?

  • 4 x 1 hour sessions with be-shen teachings on practice and open table discussion

  • each class holds intuitive guidance, practice introductions, personal story wisdom sharing

  • introduction into 5 major breathworks that have helped my own personal healing journey

  • guidance on daily journal practices, moon celebrations and ritual work

  • daily space holding + motivational support for practice integration 

  • safe + authentic sharing- and vulnerability space

  • roadmap for your spiritual cocktail mixing

  • guidance on how to work with and overcome resistance 

  • introduction into the power of ritual

  • access to a community of brilliantly beautiful beings

  • week-long practice exercises expanding your cocktail consciousness

  • practices to tune deeper into your intuition

  • guidance on how to stay tuned in and use your practice throughout your day


what are the details for the 4 SCIS classes?

  • we meet Thursday mornings 4 weeks in a row via zoom

  • 10am - 11am

  • 1 hour call of ~30 min practice teachings by Mona + 30 min open table for questions, flow thoughts and vision work

  • access to recordings of our sessions for limited time after the final SCIS

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