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be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion

She reminded me of the courage and fire within myself that guided me to make choices and shifts in my life that align with my future.' Michaela


‘The days after SPREAD OPEN have been an enlightening journey for me. My mindset is more elevated, my heart is more open, and I see myself differently - I feel illuminated!’ Katharina

‘I loved how our conversation, numerology and face reading all connected beautifully with one another and allowed for a deeper understanding of various themes that kept cropping up. I am so grateful to have met Mona and am looking forward to working with her as the next year begins.’ Lydia

‘Our immersion was so eye opening that she got me a little emotional. Everything is illuminated now! We went over my numerology chart and I feel confident that I am who I was meant to be. I can’t wait to follow up and share where this coming year is going to take me.’ Jon Pierre

‘It's proving that I‘m already equipped with all that I need. Our session helped me contextualize this experience within the bigger picture. With that simple wisdom and even just recalling the mantras I’m able to feel at peace, and hopeful, even while still on the move.’ Carly Ann


‘After the session I felt elevated and light - as if I'm finally able to let go. Ready for true healing. It was emotional and truly beautiful. I will use my personal mantras, Mona helped me come up with, in order to remember the clarity and strength I discovered through SPREAD OPEN.‘ Marie

‘My SPREAD OPEN immersion with Mona was fantastic, we connected so easily and she made me feel safe to open up about my emotions, my challenges and recent experiences. Everything that was going on in my life made a lot of sense after we took a look at my numerology chart.‘ Jamily


The be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion is your end of year review that will prepare you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for the year to come.


Have you ever allowed yourself the time to authentically review the past year with full awareness, compassion + deep understanding for its different learnings?

Millions of moments in one year. Only a few that stick to us - only a few that we can really remember and call memories. SPREAD OPEN is a tool to go back into the moments of joy, growth and pain to identify all learnings that these powerful times have gifted to you. 


Through a series of questions and by using co-channeling and intuitive guidance, SPREAD OPEN helps you to weave together all experiences of this year and make sense (and have compassion) of your past year to inspire you to gracefully go further in the next year.


Enter the new year feeling fully prepared, open and ready to receive its glory and challenges. This sacred end of year ceremony helps you turn the past year into a stable stepping stool to reach more of your truth in the year ahead.


SPREAD OPEN is a chance for you to deepen the connection to your inner voice - your intuition. It helps you to understand the signs and synchronicities that life gifts you, allowing you to use them to elevate your experience. In the two hour session you will feel re-anchored into your needs, create a clear vision for the upcoming year and foster compassion for yourself and others.


Gift your being a unique experience to set yourself up for the success, prosperity and inner joy that the upcoming year holds for you.


what you can expect


  • deep dive review of the year that is ending + proper digestion of important events

  • intuitive guidance, coaching + wisdom sharing

  • universal + personal numerology forecast of the upcoming year

  • face reading guidance for optimal potential in the upcoming year

  • hyper intuitive goals & dreams alignment

  • individual mantra setting for the year to come

  • guided rebirthing into-you meditation


I have been practicing this magical immersion with my closest beings and clients for years and it has brought an immense boost of trust, ease and fulfillment into people's lives for their new year. I am now feeling called to share this practice with you. I can promise you will feel elevated and prepared to enter the new chapter to come. 

This immersion is great to book together with your partner, friends or family members. It is a great gift for your loved ones that are ready to expand into higher realms. be-shen offers gift cards for any service.

set an atmosphere

Please choose a quiet room that offers space to sit and also lay down for meditation. You will need a notebook, pen and a cleansing tool like sage, copal, palo santo or any other natural scent aura and space cleanser. A cup of herbal tea and water is recommended.

pre and post be-shen

Silently sit with yourself 5-10min before the start of the session. After the sessions you’ll want to stay in that space to write down feelings, thoughts and visions. Journaling after moving so much energy and receiving guidance is very healing and helps you to integrate the new juice you just received and downloads that have become clear.


We want you to be able to access your highest, most glorious potential. Therefore be-shen offers a unique payment plan for this service.


Connect with me for a deeper look and a free informative 20 minute call.

one off session

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