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rashida weekly guiding

rashida means „of true faith“, „the knowing of the own way“ or „rightly guided“ in Arabic and „conscious. pious. wise. mature.“ in Urdu. 


Well, don’t we all just want to be rightly guided towards our highest power and a fulfilled radiant life? The rashida weekly guiding is a gift to yourself to jump on the train of self created sovereignty. The destination of this journey is a place of deeper knowing about your unique self and the most authentic direction of your destiny. The weekly guiding sessions will assist you to design your personal spiritual cocktail + fill yourself with fresh self-discipline to fulfil your commitment to a daily practice.


The purpose of this weekly guiding is for you to gain a new level of self-knowing that will lead you to higher frequencies of love, bliss and success. Together we will travel through the depths of your being working on your emotions, beliefs, thought patterns + everything that comes up in the moment. We are co-channelling your puzzle pieces together and creating concrete solutions for your lifes challenges. We are using the findings of the ancient esoteric practices such as face reading, numerology + human design to further discover the most important elements of your being. The rashida weekly guiding includes be-shen intuitive practice guidance, kundalini breathing techniques, personally channelled meditations and individualized mantra creations.

Set an atmosphere
Please choose a quiet room that offers space to sit and also lay down for meditation. You will need a notebook, pen and a cleansing tool like sage, copal, palo santo or any other natural scent aura and space cleanser. A cup of herbal tea and water is recommended.


Pre and post be-shen
Please be quiet and with yourself 5-10min before the start of the session. After the session it is highly recommend to stay in that space and write down feelings, thoughts and visions. Journaling after moving so much energy and receiving guidance is very healing and helps you to integrate the new juice you just received.

We want you to be able to access your highest most glorious potential. Therefore be-shen offers a payment plan for this service.

Connect with me for a deeper look and a free 20 minutes get to know call.

rashida weely guiding
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