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The purpose of your life is to be undeniably yourself, by combining your unique abilities and divine talents with the wisdom from your life’s experience. be-shen is your transformative guide to understanding your true nature and to re-connect to your spirit and inner glow: your shen.

Together we are designing your individual spiritual cocktail which allows you to acknowledge and focus on your strengths to reach your true potential. be-shen will elevate all areas of your being and lead you to a more fulfilled balanced life.


Guided by her inner voice + divine alignment with the spirits, Mona’s ability to directly connect to the soul of other beings lays the foundation of her work. As an inherent light warrior, Mona’s mission is to help you find your personalized golden path + daily spiritual practice.


Mona’s essence is rooted in Yogic Science, spanning across various technologies like Chinese Face Reading, Human Design, Astrology, Chakra and Dance Healing, led by her authenticity and intuition. 


be-shen offerings

rashida weekly guiding

rashida means „of true faith“, „the knowing of the own way“ or „rightly guided“ in Arabic and „conscious. pious. wise. mature.“ in Urdu. The rashida weekly guiding is a gift to yourself to jump on the train of self created sovereignty. The destination of this journey is a place of deeper knowing about your unique self and the most authentic direction of your destiny. The weekly guiding sessions will assist you to design your personal spiritual cocktail + fill yourself with fresh self-discipline to fulfill your commitment to a daily practice.


be-shen face reading immersion

be-shen face reading immersion is a transformative experience that guides you to understanding your true nature and activates your spirit and inner glow: your shen. We deeply analyse your face map including energy channels, all features and markings of the face. By discovering your talents + strengths, your inner knowing of truth elevates and brings illumination to your mission in life. Through uncovering past and present health, mental and emotional challenges + patterns you understand yourself and others more clearly.

face reading

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be-shen numerology immersion

This immersion offers you a deep dive into your numbers chart (including Life Path number, Destiny number, Expression number, Balance number, Birthday number, Name numbers, Year vibration numbers and Personality numbers). By discovering your talents + strengths, your inner knowing of truth elevates and brings illumination to your mission in life. Through uncovering past and present mental, emotional and physical challenges + patterns you understand yourself and others with clarity.


dance chakra alignment

Dance into higher frequencies! Eccentric. sensual. gentle. hot. wild. creative. Shake off all your covers. Leave (self) judgement behind. Unfold the folded: Enter as yourself - purely. Discover the wisdom of your chakra system with the be-shen chakra dance. Movement creates chi and this expressive dance ceremony let’s you explode into higher realms of your body + mind and soul consciousness.


be-shen SUN-MER ILLUMINATION immersion

be-shen SUN-MER ILLUMINATION guides you to see all the richness that this summer holds for you! From the fire energy of the sun to the depth of the MER, the water we are bathing ourselves in. The season of summer is all about activating bounty, spreading the light to enlighten and resting to nurture your being. Summer is feeling alive and soaking up the beauty within and all around you!

How are you intending to nurture your fields of life? Which internal and external vacation are you taking? Where do you want to re-fresh your life or start something new? How do you want your fields of life to look at the beginning of harvest season aka fall?

It’s time to move from the busy action + planting spring to a more patient, observant and ILLUMINATED SUN-MER. Show yourself with all re-freshed and bright energy! 


be-shen SUPERBLOOM immersion

be-shen SUPERBLOOM wakes you up to the blossoming potential that this spring holds for you! The season of spring is all about the return of light, growth and direction. Spring is planting time. Which seeds are you intending to plant into your garden of life? How are you going to make them sprout so that the flowers can bloom? How do you want your hyper individual garden to look at the beginning of summer? It's time to walk out of the winter calmness and open up for the light. Show yourself with all renewed energy!

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be-shen at your event

be-shen at your event makes your guest feel inspired, motivated about life + closer connected to themselves and their intentions.

The be-shen at your event experience can be designed to your individual agenda. There can be a speech filled with intuitive guidance + elevated wisdom about a certain topic connected to the event/ brand/ launch etc. followed by questions and open talk circle or impromptu readings. 
be-shen at your event highlight is the 1:1 10min numerology/ face reading/ intuitive guidance session for your guest created on the spot for each individual.

Connect with me for a deeper look and a free 20 minutes get to know call.

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be-shen SPREAD OPEN immersion

Have you ever allowed yourself the time to authentically review the past year with full awareness, compassion + deep understanding for its different learnings?

Millions of moments in one year. Only a few that stick to us - only a few that we can reallyA remember and call memories. SPREAD OPEN is a tool to go back into the moments of joy, growth and pain to identify all learnings that these powerful times have gifted to you. 

Using co-channeling and intuition, SPREAD OPEN helps you to weave together all experiences of 2023 and make sense (and have compassion) of your past year to inspire you to gracefully go further in the next year.

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be shen team elevation

All be-shen practices are also applicable for the corporate world + team settings.

Looking to elevate your team experience? Connect with me for a deeper look.

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be-shen CENTERTIME is for everyone who did the be-shen SPREAD OPEN 2022 with me and for every being that wants to re-align, re-focus, re-view, re-empower their visions, intentions and desires for 2023. It is a middle of year check in and accountability practice that strengthens the bond between you and your dreams in 2023. 

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