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mystical morning

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You are invited to celebrate the second full moon of 2024 and the beginning of Pisces season. The last part of our zodiac year cycle. Come breath +  meditate + make space for you to flow in alignment with the waves of the Piscean sea. 


We have been moving through charged landscapes in the past weeks. Collectively and personally too. Do you feel the invitation for you to discover a new and deeper connected version of yourself? At the beginning of this year of the 8 (2+0+2+4=8) we want to share the magic of community practice with you.


be-shen will be guiding you through an hour filled with Virgo + Pisces archetype deep dive + wisdom teachings, a powerful release practice for the full moon, an oceanic dream-desire meditation, intentional flow  journaling + channeling practice, and directional intuitive teachings which will help you standing in the new year feeling connected, prepared and open to live + embrace more of your truth.  


please bring yourself, a small vessel/bowl, something that represents what you want to release, a cosmic love item, a soft scarf, a journal or piece of paper, a pen, a yoga mat with a cozy blanket and some water/tea if you wish.

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