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mystical morning

mystical morning: a once-monthly, hour-long, be-shen community, in-person + digital ceremony.


be-shen mystical morning brings the art of ceremony + celebration of celestial, spiritual, earthly events back to our modern consciousness. This offering strengthens our re-connection to ritual which all human forms before us committed to daily.


The intention for this mystical morning class is for you to leave feeling elevated + inspired, holding a deeper connection to your inner self + grounded in the world that surrounds you. 

This sacred practice re-anchors your awareness back into the importance of ritual and allows you to insert more of this mystic + magical energy into your life. Every mystical morning session offers you several be-shen practices that can be applied into your everyday life and bring you to a new standard of living in tune with your truth. Mystical mornings build room and safe space for you to tap deeper into your confidence and vulnerable self expression.


When we all get together in the same room, we create a profound energy. Together we are vulnerable, powerful, safe, heard, felt and free.


Mystical mornings are held during important celestial happenings such as solstices, equinoxes, the full moon, the new moon and rare astrological movements. These sessions focus on wisdom sharing through intuitive guidance, creative self expression work through writing and installation work & yogic practice such as breathwork, kundalini yoga and guided meditations. Mystical mornings are a sacred place where we use the brilliance of ancient techniques such as astrology, numerology and face reading to alchemize them into concrete present-moment tools.

You’ll start by gathering around the foundational centerpiece built by be-shen. Throughout the session we’ll add to the centerpiece and build a masterpiece together. I’ll speak to the special celestial happening of the day, we will learn about how it affects our being, we go deep into how we can use this as a portal for our individual + collective expansion and the group meditation is a powerful ending. 


This is a cornerstone of community building as you will meet like minded people, build friendships + encourage your friends + family to join in person or on the live stream link provided. 

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