be-shen numerology immersion

deep dive into your numbers chart

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • $250-$300
  • Video Call

immersion description

This immersion offers you a deep dive into your numbers chart (including Life Path number, Destiny number, Expression number, Balance number, Birthday number, Name numbers, Year vibration numbers and Personality numbers). By discovering your talents + strengths, your inner knowing of truth elevates and brings illumination to your mission in life. Through uncovering past and present mental, emotional and physical challenges + patterns you understand yourself and others with clarity. During the in depth illumination of your numbers you are given an individual roadmap with intuitive guidance for a balanced emotional, psychological and physical life. At the end of the reading you receive an individually channelled guided meditation which invites you to tap into and experience your fulfilled authentic self. The goal of this immersive experience is to wake you up to the magic of your own numerological vibration. Join in and let’s learn how to speak numbers! We want you to be able to access your highest most glorious potential. Therefore be-shen offers a payment plan for this service.